Company is focused on three main areas: trade, intermediation in trade and advisory services. Majority of our business operations are in the EU countries, however lately we're experiencing significant (and constant) increase of clients from the ex-Yougoslavia countries.
Our main advantages are diversified trading areas and sucessful conecting EU and ex-Yugoslavia countries as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia.

We are looking forward to establishing business connections and finding the new partner in you!

  • wide selection of products (and we're constantly working on improving and broadening our offer with latest novalities on the market);
  • if we receive request for a product that is currently not included in our offer, we will contact our/potential suppliers and provide the customer with requested product for best value for money available;
  • if you're interested in starting your own business, we offer „coaching“ services for defining your needs and paths to achiving set goals.